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Bat Cave Botanicals is a small family business & forest farm located in beautiful Bat Cave, North Carolina. We are Martin & Sara, and together we have created Bat Cave Botanicals out of our love for this very special place, passion for the natural world, and the desire to create a sustainable small business doing what we love the most.

We are so fortunate to live in a region of the world where ginseng grows wild. The mountains of Western North Carolina have a long standing heritage that includes hunting for ginseng & other herbs for folk medicine as well as international market value. To protect the future of this incredible plant from over-harvest, cultivation & good stewardship practices are essential in order to satisfy demand and thus relieve the pressure being placed on the wild plant by high commercial value.

We have been growing ginseng and protecting a wild population for over 10 years. This is our third season of selling ginseng online and we specialize in ethically harvested, premium wild ginseng roots. ‘Ethical harvest’ means digging roots only in the proper season, selectively harvesting less than one third any population, and zealously planting the red berries which contain the ginseng seeds.

We offer ethically wild-crafted & superior quality Wild American Ginseng online, and are actively involved in promoting education, public awareness & sustainable harvest techniques of Wild Ginseng. In the future, we hope to offer a variety of other sustainably grown, ‘at risk’ native medicinal plants & seeds, so that more people can learn about and enjoy growing these important plants, along with a variety of value added products made from our forest.

We are currently working with a local land trust to establish a permanent conservation easement for our property & surrounding lands. This place is a home for many rare & endangered plants & animals that needs total protection from timbering & land development. Establishing this protective covenant will ensure that this property will be a permanent natural sanctuary as well as a lasting legacy.

We became involved in the ginseng business because of our mutual love of nature, cultural history, and an interest in finding a new way to profitably market ginseng as a commodity while at the same time showing respect & providing guardianship for this rare & fascinating plant. Because of the current high market value of ginseng & resulting threat to the wild ginseng population , it is important to us to offer a product that places value on a superior & ethically harvested product, as opposed to the current short sighted over-harvesting of a rare, valuable & endangered botanical resource.

By offering superior quality wild american ginseng, we hope to demonstrate to other sellers that ethical harvest techniques are more profitable as well as sustainable. By our success we hope that other sellers will adopt a more respectful  ‘Good Stewardship’ ginseng policy.

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