Native Plants

Trillium, Bloodroot, Jack in the Pulpit, Japanese Wineberries, Ground Orchids & more!

Woodland botanicals


Partial List of Native & ‘At Risk’ Woodland Botanicals we will be offering in the Spring of 2016:


American Ginseng ~ Panax quinquefolium

Black Cohosh ~ Actaea racemosa

Bloodroot ~ Sanguinaria candensis

Christmas Fern ~ Polystichum acrostichoides

Crested Dwarf Iris ~ Iris cristata

False Solomon’s-Seal ~ Smilacina racemosa

Jack-in the Pulpit ~ Arisaema triphyllum

Maidenhair Fern ~ Adiantum pedatum

Mayapple ~ Podophyllum peltatum

Solomon’s Seal ~ Polygonatum biflorum

Trillium ~ Trillium cuneatum





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